【AR Guided tour Test】

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What is AR and how to use it, and what are the differences between AR and VR?

If you ever tried to find Pokémon Go using your smartphone, you have been using AR. While with VR headsets you can find yourself flying with eagles and disconnect of the current room and moment you are in. AR will take your current reality and add something onto, and paint your world with data, while all you need is your phone.

How are AR travel apps reshaping the travel world?

Let’s walk through a few examples of how AR tours can be used to benefit travelers and touristic businesses; AR city tour applications can ensure that you would never be lost in a foreign city. AR can significantly improve local transit. Besides using AR travel apps that provide an interactive map view of roads and traffic, with AR, a metro map can convert into an interactive guide. When you are in a hotel with signs in a foreign language, things can become a hard task, but not with AR technology! Smartphones can be utilized to identify and translate several foreign languages and signs, making it an engaging experience for travelers. On top of that, various types of accommodations can provide extra details to stand out. They can use AR to show former travelers recommendations and influence your booking decision.

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bestie閨蜜 孟潔×菲菲 數位寫真(AR)

版本建議 : iOS 13 以上,Android 7.0以上版本。

bestie閨蜜 孟潔×菲菲 數位寫真


bestie閨蜜 孟潔×菲菲 數位寫真


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